Band Practice

Local bands and musicians have the opportunity to practice and fine-tune their sound with the help of professional audio engineers and a production team at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

Thank You!

Thank you for your interest in Sing Out Loud Band Practice.

Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting submissions at this time, but we hope you will consider applying again next year.

This workshop will provide local artists the opportunity to learn from live audio engineers on the best tips and tricks for getting the best sound at their gigs.

Band Practice will provide:

  • Basic backline set-up including a drum kit, guitar amp, bass amp, and keyboard.

  • Front of House speakers

  • Monitor wedges

  • Microphones, cables, and stands

  • A knowledgeable Front of House Engineer

  • A knowledgeable Monitor Engineer

Artists will provide:

  • Any specific instruments you would like, e.g. guitar, bass, mandolin, cajón, etc

  • A mixing console, if you have one.